Spanish Language courses in Valencia Spain- Problems students face

There is an abundant of Spanish language schools in Spain. One must be careful to choose what type and with what company they choose to take the Spanish language courses.

Some of the problems that student’s face are:

1. The students are told the total costs. Before you decide to make your trip to Spain make sure that you ask in writing the total costs. Many students when they arrive, are not told there is a registration fee, deposit for the apartment that they are living at, or a fee for the internet. based on student experiences usually, the schools will try to keep the deposit and blame it on the water bill.

2. Students should clearly state what type, of course, they would like to attend, this includes the number of hours and weeks. Many have complained that the school that they attend does not adhere to the hours that they have paid for. For example, fewer students arrive than expected and because of this, they reduce the number of hours that they teach.

3. Students should clearly state with how many people they would like to stay in an apartment with. They should also clearly state what gender they would like to stay. Students arrive on their first day and they are put with people they would not like to be with. For example, a girl wants to attend the Spanish language courses, she clearly states in the communication with the company that she would like to be with only girls. She arrives in Spain, and all of sudden she is put in an apartment with a boy. This can turn out to be a nightmare.

4. Students during communication with the company state that in order for them to attend the course they need an internet connection because they have to work on the internet, or would like to communicate with family members. When the student arrives, the internet is promised, and a lot of time goes by which the student does not have internet. The specifically paid for the internet yet did not get it.

5. Students should ask for a detailed invoice. Including the charges that they must pay for. Companies have told students that they have no proof of what services that they have payed for, therefore they are not obligated to provide those services that were written. Make sure the invoice is an official invoice. A lot of companies provide false invoices for the Spanish language courses.

6. Students should choose a course in which they are comfortable with the number of people in the Spanish language course group. Students have complained that they did not realize that 20 people would be in a group. Thus the teaching quality of that Spanish language course is significantly less.

7. The student must find out from the Spanish language course school if there is a rolling admission or not. Students have complained about rolling admissions that new students arrive every week. Thus holding back the group’s progress.

Most of all make sure that things that you are promised by the course are in WRITING. MAKE SURE IT IS IN THE CONTRACT If it is not, do not expect everything that you are promised. If they can not give it in a contract format choose another school.