Course Costs

Spanish Language courses in Spain, Things to know about course costs

There are many things that a student must know about course costs.

1. Usually, the shorter the period of time the student stays or attends the Spanish language courses the more expensive it is. The student must know that several schools will tell you to try it out for a week and then decide if you would like to stay or not. The catch with that is, is that you have to pay the full fee for the one week, and then other weeks that you are there get more expensive.

2. Most Spanish language schools say that if there are holidays on given days of school, the school has to substitute those hours at a later time. The catch with this is, is that the school will probably substitute those hours, but they will not provide the boarding for those extra days.

Make sure when you decide on what school you want to attend, that these facts are given to you in written contract format.