Spanish Language courses in Spain, Things to know about boarding

If the student is going to attend any Spanish language course in Spain, he or she should be prepared on what to expect from the school or company that is offering the boarding.

1. The student should make sure he or she is comfortable to live with the opposite gender. If not the student should state this to the company offering the spanish language courses. When stated the student should await written confirmation of this. If the student does not receive written confirmation, he or she should look into another school offerring Spanish language courses.

2. The student should state in written format how many people he or she would like to live with. For example the student doesnt mind to live with another 3 people, or if the student prefers to live alone. The student should also wait for this written confirmation.

3. Students should be aware of the items that are given with the boarding. Typical items that should be included are toliet paper, towels, blankets, pillows, and if the student payed for it Internet. A lot of school do not include the basic tolietry. It is very hard for a student to buy toliet paper on the first day they arrive. Make sure that the items that are included in the contract include the items that you will receive when you arrive to the apartment that you are staying at. If they are not, the company or school holding the Spanish language courses are not obligated to give you anything.

4. Typical items that students bring are: Hair Dryer, shampoo, soap, clean towels, computer, mobile telephone, and during the winter a small heater. Also other basic tolietries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, …..